A Community of Literary Rejects

Publishers called James Joyce’s Ulysses obscene and many refused to publish it. J.K. Rowling submitted Harry Potter to more than 12 different publishing houses before it was finally printed. Even Stephen King’s first novel was tabled after receiving a cold rejection letter.

For some, this may sound like a lesson in perseverance, but to us it’s evidence that something is fundamentally wrong with the way publishers appreciate and appraise literature.

Too often the experimental, avant-garde, or revolutionary is rejected because the selection committee doesn’t understand it, like it, or believe it will make them money. So we set out to create a magazine that not only publishes literature that challenges the status quo, but celebrates the writer as an artist.

The first issue of 15th & Oxford was pieced together in 2012 by a journalism student at Temple University. It featured a poem, short story, photo essay, and a single editorial.

Today the quarterly publication follows the same pursuit, sharing original and thought-provoking literature from the country’s most under appreciated authors. We welcome the weird, the strange, and anything that traditional publishing houses have swept into their rejection piles.

We are a modern literary magazine for the modern writer.


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